Drugs of Abuse

Choose UA Labs for urine drug testing. UA Labs processes hundreds of urine specimens each week for many clients. A variety of drug panel options are available to your agency to meet your specific needs.

Creatinine Level Adjustment

Urine dilution by excess water consumption. One of drug users’ most effective resources in their attempts to thwart detection through drug testing is dilution of their urine specimens through excess fluid consumption. By consumption of excess water (or other fluids) over a short period of time the urine quickly becomes highly dilute.

K2 Spice / Bath Salts

Ultimate Analysis Laboratories is pleased to be among the first toxicology laboratories in the country to offer testing in urine and blood for JWH-200, JWH-018 and JWH-073, the active ingredients in K2/Spice and similar synthetic marijuana products.

Alcohol Testing

The EtG test is a urine based laboratory test that detects the metabolites of alcohol (ethyl glucuronide) in human urine. Alcohol is processed by the body very rapidly, usually at a rate of 1 drink per hour. The EtG test can detect alcohol in urine up to 80 hours after consumption. This is a very useful tool for a zero tolerance policy on alcohol consumption.

Prescription Drugs

Limit workplace liability and employee costs
Ideal for nursing/physician workplace testing
Well-suited for treatment admittance and monitoring
Determine compliance of pain medication patient
Fast turn-around time from receipt of specimen (48 hours2 negative, 72 hours positive)

Test Reports

Easy to interpret drug and alcohol toxicology reports
Simply locate, view, print and save donor results
Access monthly reports, drug statistics, and more
Examine donor reports and save them securely within the system

Carisoprodol (Soma)

Soma is a strong muscle relaxant that acts as a pain block
between the nerves and the brain and is intended to be used
in patients undergoing physical therapy.

Gabapentin (Neurontin)

Gabapentin is GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid) analogue.
The drug was used primarily to treat epilepsy, but current
usage includes pain management and treatment of major depressive disorder.


Kratom is another name for the leaves of the mitragyna
speciosa tree, which look like large, smooth, oval mint leaves.
The effect of the drug mimics that of opiates, ranging from
sedation to pain reduction to intense euphoria.


Kava is native to the islands of the South Pacific
and is a member of the pepper family.
Kava kava (Piper methysticum) has been used as a
ceremonial drink in the Pacific Islands for hundreds of years.
It has been reported to have an effect similar to an alcoholic drink.

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